Maxime Médard

A former professional rugby player, Maxime stopped his career 1 year ago. A professional for over 17 years with Stade Toulousain and the French national team, sport is part of his DNA, and he continues to pursue a number of sporting objectives.


Being a top-level sportsman. I come from a family of rugby players, so naturally I followed in my father's footsteps. When I was 13, I told my father, "I want to be French champion at least once in my life", and the Stade Toulousain enabled me to make all my dreams come true.

Playing fields

It used to be a green square, but today it's more about nature, trails, the banks of the canal in Toulouse or the banks of the Garonne.


Under-21 World Champion with the French national team 

French Top 14 Championship: Won 5 times in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2019 and 2021, and was runner-up in 2006.

Vice world champion in 2011 with New Zealand

Strengths and weaknesses

Persevering, stubborn and a perfectionist. Whether at work or in sport, I've always worked hard to succeed.

Protect our playground


"Excellence, design, protecting the planet. I'm convinced that the world of sport needs to take environmental issues into account and get the industry moving. We all have our part to play, Circle fits in perfectly with this change in society, and as a sportsman I wanted to get involved at this level."

"Excellence, design, protecting the planet. Circle is perfectly in tune with this social change.

- Maxime médard

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