Circularity & sustainable fashion


How does it work? We tell you everything.


Certified & biobased textiles

Developed from recycled bottles or pre- and post-industrial nylon, our materials have more than 10 environmental certifications: GRS, Oeko Tex standard 100, LCA from ICEA, EU Ecolabel, Italian TF traceability system, Cradle to Cradle Gold Level, Bluesign, ISO 14001 and 9001 and Reach.

All our materials without exception come from Europe: Germany, Italy, France and Spain, we guarantee it.

Recycled & recyclable

We have sourced materials that are 65% to 100% recyclable for all our garments. We have tested them in over 20 sports to ensure quality, performance and durability during exercise.

Finally, all our garments are recyclable with the goal of making new clothes out of your old ones.

Ethical and local manufacturing

Short circuits

Our clothes don't go around the world three times before arriving at your home. All the recycled waste and resources that make up our materials are sourced as close as possible, in Italy, Germany, France and Spain and our collection is made in Portugal.

On average, our clothes travel 10 times less kilometers before arriving at your home in France, against 45,000 kms on average for sportswear made in Asia...

Ethical work

All the people involved in the creation of your garment are located in Europe, in France, Italy, Germany and Portugal. The guarantee of a social and health coverage, a reasonable salary and good working conditions. Let's give value to those who make our clothes.

Our workshop in Portugal is a family workshop, warm, where everyone knows each other, where music is played in a good atmosphere and where expertise is passed on. This is what allows us to develop a product where every detail is carefully considered.

Green logistics and packaging

Green transport

No cargo. No planes. Not bad for sportswear. Because of their proximity, none of our materials or clothing will have taken any other means of transportation than trucks.

In Paris, we push our approach to the end by delivering our users by bike in maximum 7 days. Alex and Romain are happy to deliver, sometimes helped by our ambassadors. We will soon offer this service in other cities in France.

Green packaging

We imagined a packaging as eco-responsible and local as possible with 5 objectives in terms of eco-responsibility: design, production, distribution, materials and its use at the end of life.

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