Eco-responsible T-shirts for women

Circle Sportswear women's t-shirts: for a more ethical and eco-responsible fashion

Whether it's a sailor-style T-shirt, an ultra-trendy crop-top or a loose, unisex T-shirt, sportswear is of course also about style and fashion. 

But beware: at Circle Sportswear, fashion is a matter of responsibility, of preserving the planet and its resources.

For it is a sadly undeniable fact: the textile industry pollutes. Whether it is due to the choice of raw materials, the transformation processes, the packaging or the transport, producing clothes has a price, that of pollution and the depletion of natural resources. 

Fortunately, attitudes are changing. And many of you are now consumers (and sportswomen!) who want to dress ethically and in an eco-responsible way. 

What will you start with to make your wardrobe greener? 

The t-shirt, of course, a timeless and essential basic!

For sports and for the city, discover all Circle Sportswear women's t-shirts. Together, let's move towards fashion that respects the environment and textile workers.

Circle women's sports t-shirt: the choice of eco-responsible materials

Circle Sportswear chooses eco-friendly materials for its sports shirts in order to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible and cause the impact on the environment.. And to help all consumers, whether sportswomen or not, to make their choice, Circle has only one watchword: transparency.

Recycled materials for the Victoire sailor and the Eternal unisex t-shirt, natural and eco-innovative materials (Lyocell, also called Tencel) for the sports crop-top Smooth Operator and the Iconic t-shirt, in all cases you also choose quality, lightness and comfort.

And since eco-responsibility also means not over-consuming, all Circle sports T-shirts are durable and 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly and ethical Circle sports shirt: to respect textile workers

In Europe, stricter legislation ensures a safer working safe working environment for textile for textile workers. In many foreign countries, this security is anything but, where hours and wages are simply indecent, and where discrimination and child labour are the norm.

A more ethical world is not a utopia. It is within reach, and everyone's choices have an influence on the direction the world will take. 

All the people who worked on the Circle eco-friendly sports t-shirts are in Europe. This is the best guarantee of an ethical garment, but also the certainty that your t-shirt will have been carefully designed down to the last detail.

Circle eco-responsible T-shirt for women: short circuits and green packaging

One of the main reasons why the fashion and sportswear industry is so polluting is of course the transportation of textile materials. The greenhouse gas emissions emissions (induced by the use of high carbon energy) have a disastrous ecological impact.

On average, a sports shirt made in Asia will have travelled 45,000 kilometres before arriving in your dressing room. A Circle eco-responsible t-shirt will have travelled 10 times less...

Finally, the choice of a more ecological packaging is an important point for an ethical and eco-responsible fashion. Ecological packaging is packaging that seeks to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. It is also a packaging whose recycling is a priority. And to send your eco-responsible sports t-shirt, Circle has designed a packaging that is as innovative as it is virtuous !

Still wondering what an eco-friendly sports shirt is? 

Well, it's a Circle Sportswear t-shirt!