What do we all have in common?

The commitment, the will, the determination to make a concrete impact in the sports industry, to invent a new model, and the desire and the requirement to create the best running products, for all conditions, for all distances. But also a passion for running, for surpassing ourselves, for the joy of running and pushing back our limits together!

We are a community of eco-runners, and we believe that every stride, every movement, every pulse is a step towards environmental protection. We are revolutionizing the sports industry, placing environmental protection at the core of everything we do.


"What a chance to develop and build Circle Sportswear with dedicated teams united by a mission: taking care of ourselves and the planet!
Circle Sportswear is more than just a brand. It's a community, a vision. Run for the planet, Run for the future." - Romain Trebuil CEO & founder of Circle Sportswear




Circle is a collective of enthusiasts, an ecosystem of experts who share the desire to push boundaries and innovate further. The collective includes the Circle team, our partners, ambassadors, and athletes. It is by working together that we manage to find solutions to overcome sustainability challenges, and together, we test the performance and technical aspects of each product.


Circle provides its employees with an agile working environment, adapted to the performance and life of each individual. We are convinced that a company's success depends on the fulfillment of its teams, so we make it a point of honor to offer them a pleasant and stimulating environment. We are located in the heart of La Caserne, Paris, in a creative environment that is a pioneer in sustainable fashion. Running is a shared or emerging passion for every Circle employee. We seek to promote well-being and sport, and regularly share running weekends to live our common passion and meet our community.


We apply the same transparency to our customers as we do internally to the progress of our projects. With our customers, we share our developments and future projects, and share all manufacturing information to enable everyone to understand the number of people involved in developing and manufacturing our products. Internally, we make sure that our management and internal communications are as transparent as possible. We don't have a traditional view of hierarchy, and all voices are listened to when it comes to making key decisions. Information must circulate freely to ensure the smooth running of the team and fluid communication.


At Circle, sport is at the heart of our values. We offer and encourage every employee to participate in and attend free weekly running classes at our premises, as well as providing special rates for enrolling in various sports classes in the city of Paris. We are proud that Zoé, Léna, Sarah have reach their firsts target to run an half marathon supporting by Circle !


Because our values are strong and our environmental and social objectives ambitious, we are constantly striving for excellence. We are always careful to make choices that honor our commitments, whether in terms of quality, material sourcing or strategy. We encourage all Circle team members to question their habits and continually challenge processes that are ingrained in their modus operandi. We're convinced that there's always room for improvement, and we want to encourage them to be adaptable, creative and forward-looking in the face of the innovations and ideas that come their way.



It's crucial that, as pioneers, we continue to find innovative business models... because this would mark the beginning of a new era for strong, innovative partnerships. 


Because they are the guarantors of the sustainability of our approach, we have decided to surround ourselves with partners who share our vision of ethics and development. In particular, this means training their teams, establishing salary scales and ensuring pay equity. For our part, we are committed to remunerating our partners at the right price, i.e. the price that enables employees to earn a decent living, ensures the company's long-term viability and guarantees a fair redistribution of capital. This price must correspond to the level of quality we demand, and it must enable the partner to develop with us over the long term.

We require our partners to comply with our Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics covers the main principles of workers' rights and is based on fundamental European laws. In addition, our strong focus on product traceability means that we know all our partners inside out. We meet with our manufacturing partners to see first-hand the working conditions. What's more, as our partners are located in Europe, they must all respect fundamental European rights. This is one of the reasons why we want to keep our partners close to us, so that they are governed by these laws. Finally, Circle teams must respect the integrity of our partners and communicate with them in a respectful and friendly manner.


We have developed a mode of communication with all our partners based on honesty and transparency. We treat them as equals and reason with them as extensions of the brand. We always keep them informed of important developments at Circle: new recruitments, fund-raising, important decision-making choices and developments in our CSR policy. In return, we expect our partners to be transparent too, and to provide us with all important information that could have an impact on us.

Some of them have been with us since the beginning, and are at the heart of our ecosystem. We have developed a great deal of trust in our partners, and are convinced that working with them will have a positive impact on all our stakeholders.


We expect our partners to be driven by the same values as we are, and aim to create a genuine ecosystem of committed partners. We want to work with partners who care about the environment, sustainability and the after-life of the industrial process, who are forward-looking and innovative in their approach to eco-responsibility. We encourage them to share all their innovation and sustainability projects, so that we can keep abreast of their progress and take advantage of it to move forward with them in a truly sustainable way.


In collaboration with numerous race organizers such as the organizing committee of the Marathon de Tours and the 10 KM Paris Tour Eiffel, we are proud to lead an initiative aimed at raising awareness and engaging all players in the world of sport in a more responsible era. We are now offering runners the chance to opt for a sustainable, eco-responsible T-shirt, made in Europe from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This responsible alternative aims to replace the traditional t-shirts handed out to participants at the finish line, which are generally produced abroad from petroleum-based materials, are not recyclable, and often end up quickly discarded or relegated to the back of our closets.


  • That's 3,555 kg of CO2 saved, or the equivalent of driving 16,337 km in a standard car. 
  • That's 7,850 liters of water saved, or the equivalent of 130 showers (with an average of 60 litres per shower).
  • That's 37,500 recycled bottles, or the equivalent of a standard soccer pitch.