Women's long sleeve t-shirts

Circle Sportswear women's long sleeve t-shirt: versatility, comfort and breathability

Lightness and comfort, technicality of the fabric and elegance of the cut, you are looking for the rare pearl for your wardrobe? A long-sleeved shirt for your running sessions, your bike rides, your yoga postures or each of your jazz dance moves? A women's top that will make you feel good every moment of the day? 

You've found it: the Circle long-sleeved t-shirt is the one for you! 

Designed, like all Circle clothing, from recycled and recyclable materials, from recycled and recyclable materialsThis long-sleeved t-shirt for women is a timeless must-have to adopt without delay.

Circle long sleeve tee shirt: a technical sports top for running in cool weather

When temperatures drop, it is very important to choose your running gear carefully. Especially the first layer, the one that will be against your skin during the effort. 

Indeed, it is this first layer that should allow you to keep you warm while guaranteeing good breathability, in other words good evacuation of perspiration. Not all textiles allow this. A cotton shirt, for example, does not allow perspiration to escape properly. It therefore remains damp, especially in the back, and even more so if you have a backpack during your running sessions. And the consequence is extremely unpleasant: a persistent feeling of cold that literally ruins your outdoor training.

Only a technical running technical such as the Circle Sportswear women's long-sleeved sports top can provide a breathable and healthy base in mid-season and winter. Sweat is optimally wicked away, ensuring fast drying and maximum comfort for all sportswomen, regardless of their level of activity.

Women's long sleeve T-shirt Circle : for running, but not only !

The notion of versatility is an intrinsic part of eco-responsibility so dear to Circle Sportswear, a dynamic sportswear brand committed to protecting the environment. This includes keeping the misuse of natural resources to a minimum.

A garment for each activity is a guarantee of dangerous over-consumption for the planet.

A women's sports top for outdoor sports

The Circle women's long sleeve t-shirt is ideal for all outdoor sports:

  • Hiking

  • Running

  • Street workout

  • Roller

  • Bicycle

  • Trail

It can be worn on its own when temperatures are still mild enough. But the Circle long-sleeved shirt can also be worn as a first layer under a thin fleece or a waterproof jacket in case of rain. 

In any case, this technical sportswear made from recycled materials will guarantee you :


  • Heat
  • Breathability
  • Comfort

    A women's sports top for gentle practices

    Alone or over the Imparable sports braThe Circle Sportswear long sleeve t-shirt will satisfy all women who practice Yoga, Pilates or dance.

    Before, during and after the session, this ultra-comfortable sports top guarantees total freedom of movement. You can easily take it off or put it back on depending on the intensity of your practice and your chilliness. For example, after a dynamic yoga session such as Ashtanga or Vinyasa, it will be like a softness that comes to wrap you to better enjoy the relaxation.

    A top for women and for every day!

    Both sober and elegant, the Circle women's long sleeve t-shirt is above all a stylish garment for a casual look.

    Wearing a technical garment as an everyday outfit can be a real revelation. With this long-sleeved shirt, you'll enjoy regulated warmth and unparalleled comfort all day long. 

    Easy to maintain and built to lastyou will soon be able to live without it.

    To the point of wearing it out? 

    No problem! At Circle Sportswear nothing is ever lost and everything is reused thanks to the virtuous principle of Circularity !

    Upcycling and recycling are the guarantees of a more eco-responsible world. If your Circle long sleeve t-shirt reaches the end of its life (which it will take a very long time to do), you can send it back to us to join the circularity loop and make a considerable contribution to the planet.