Men's shorts

Circle Sportswear's eco-friendly men's shorts: essential comfort during your running and weight training sessions

For running, but also for all other sports, the first thing that comes to mind is shoes. However, the choice of other sportswear is just as important as finding good running shoes. 

Whether you're striding for miles or doing cardio training, a good pair of shorts is comfortable and light, and can be completely forgotten during practice. Circle Sportswear's men's shorts meet this criterion perfectly. 

Whether it is the special running model One For All or the all-sports model Défi, Circle once again relies on the astonishing performance of recycled and eco-friendly materials. the amazing performance of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. And the results are there: incomparable lightness of the product, water-repellent fabric for optimal comfort in all situations, resistance and durability, you will have so much fun during your running sessions and training sessions.

Men's sport shorts: what are the criteria for choosing a good running short?

Wearing the right clothing for sport is essential for your well-being during training, but also for your physical performance. Whatever your goals, whether you are a beginner runner or a seasoned athlete preparing your next trail run, you need multi-purpose running shortsYou need running shorts that are versatile, comfortable and made from fabrics that offer maximum breathability.

Men's running shorts: the crucial importance of the material

Whether you are running on the road, on a cycle track or trail running, in all cases a pair of sports shorts must be light, ultra-comfortable and, above all, they must allow quick drying. This is why cotton is not necessarily a good choice for running shorts. Indeed, this material, although generally comfortable, has the major defect of retaining moisture from perspiration.

For its running and sports shorts for men, Circle has chosen 100% recycled materials. These are eco-responsible and highly technical materials that have been tested by real champions. Resistant and water-repellentThe Circle men's shorts are waterproof and resistant, so you can feel dry in all weathers and at any intensity.

Men's running shorts: the right length

Fitness, weight training, cross training or running, for men, the right length for a pair of sports shorts is mid-thigh or just a little longer, above the knees. They should be loose fitting to allow the greatest possible freedom of movement possible.

If you run in cold weather or rain, the cut of Circle Sportswear's eco-friendly men's shorts allows you to wear leggings or long tights underneath.

Men's running shorts: the choice of inner lining

The Circle men's sports shorts have an integrated undergarment in the Challenge model. This means that the briefs offer excellent support for runners and all sportsmen.

For its One For All model, Circle has chosen to use an inner net rather than an integrated brief. This allows you to choose your own underwear, or even opt for running shorts to be worn underneath the shorts. There is also a version without mesh.

Eco-responsibility, an additional criterion for choosing Circle Sportswear men's shorts

If you are a sportsman, if you are a fan of running in the open air and in the middle of nature, you are necessarily concerned about the environment. Because this environment is your playground!

By choosing Circle Sportswear's eco-friendly men's shorts, you are choosing to reduce your ecological footprint. Choosing clothing made from recycled materials effectively reduces pollution. But it also helps to limit the waste that the textile industry is rightly accused of. Eco-responsibility is therefore the way to take part in preserving our living environment and, further still, the entire planet.

But choosing Circle for your men's running shorts also means choosing ethical manufacturing. Because taking care of the planet also means being aware of the living and working conditions of the men and women who live there.

Eco-responsible, ethical, durable and high-performanceWhen you choose the Défi sports shorts or the One For All running shorts from Circle Sportswear, you are choosing to act concretely for the planet so that it can continue to offer you wonderful natural spots to explore through your sporting activities for a long time to come.

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