Clément Leduc

A specialist in long-distance races on track, road and cross-country, from 1500m to marathon, Clément has been passionate about athletics since he was 15. He represented the French junior and then espoir teams in cross-country and 10000m before leaving for the United States for a sport-study project. Since his return in 2021, he has specialized in marathon running.


Participate in the Olympic marathon or 10000m

Preferred distance

The 10000m track

Playing fields

Forests for long outings and fartlek (pacing game)

Best results

5000m: 14'03, 10000m: 29'12; Half-marathon: 1h05'00; Marathon: 2h19'04   


Team victory at the European U20 cross-country championships in 2016 and 36th place individually

French U23 10000m champion in 2019

3rd at the 2018 U23 French Championships over 10000m

3rd at the 2017 U23 French Championships over 5000m

Strengths and weaknesses

My weaknesses are speed and hills, and my strengths are my rigor and fighting spirit.

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"I really like the brand and the people behind it. I joined Circle for its ecological and social values. There's a total commitment to the environment and production in Europe. The products are also very high quality, comfortable with great design and beautiful colors."

"I joined Circle for its ecological and social values."

- clément leduc

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