Eco-responsible women's sports shorts

Whatever the physical activity, doing sport is good for the body and the mind. Whether it's to lose a few pounds, build muscle mass, work on your cardio or enjoy your friends, sport always allows you to clear your head, reconnect with your body and relieve stress. Always, but only if you are well equipped. 

For all women and sportswomen, Circle Sportswear has designed sport shorts that are both elegant and efficient. Eco-responsible and ethical, these shorts are made of technical materials that many athletes recommend.

Halfway between leggings and shorts, discover Circle's Back On Track and Get Shorty models, unique cuts that will enhance any figure, all with maximum comfort.  These two models will also complement your climbing gear for women.

Circle women's ethical and eco-responsible sports shorts: a stylish, high-performance and super versatile basic

Wearing unsuitable sportswear to a yoga session, Pilates class, run or bike ride can ruin a lot of the fun. And among the essential sportswear in a sportswoman's wardrobe, there are of course the shorts, to be chosen with care and according to some essential criteria: breathability, resistance to chafing, sheathing effect and comfort. Not forgetting style, of course! Circle's ethical women's shorts meet all these criteria perfectly.

Many people think that you should choose your women's sports shorts according to the activity you do. However, with Cicle Sportswear's eco-responsible and ethical shorts, you can be sure that you will feel good whatever your physical discipline.

The length and cut of the Circle women's sports shorts have been designed to give you both the support of a leggings and the lightness of running shorts. A combination that guarantees the most comfortable second-skin effect, whether you are a fan of gentle practices or more intensive sports.

In addition, the high waistband of the circle ethical women's sports shorts guarantees effective support for your abdominal muscleswithout compressing the stomach. The result: more comfort and a slimmer waist.

Finally, thanks to their length and the sheathing they provide, Circle's eco-responsible women's shorts lengthen and refine the figure.

More good news? This cut is ultra trendy! 

Choosing eco-responsible and ethical women's sports shorts: because doing good for the planet means doing good for yourself!

More than ever, we are all concerned by environmental issues. How can we avoid over-consumption? How can we stop depleting natural resources? How can we limit waste and pollution? How can we return to more local production? More ethical too? 

Today, it is the small gestures of each individual that shape the future of the planet. Simple gestures, but a real commitment to protect nature and preserve our playgrounds. Actions such as sorting your waste, choosing a recycled recycled water bottle instead of plastic water bottles, choosing eco-responsible and ethical women's sports shorts, or even unisex running shorts made to last.

The circularityCircle Sportswear's founding principle, is a choice for the future of the planet. But it is also a guarantee for the quality of the products that you decide to buy. Ethical, eco-responsible, but also durable, high performance and adaptable to all sports, the Circle women's sports shorts are undoubtedly a must have in the Circle Sportswear Women's Collection.