Hugo Brincard

A keen runner, trail runner and high-mountain enthusiast, Hugo is a true lover of movement, constantly seeking to reconnect his body with his mind. He took up running 20 years ago following problems with his weight. After a first year of discovering the sport, it all clicked. Today, his practice includes running, functional muscle strengthening and yoga.  


To be able to run & be in motion while sharing it with others until my last breath

Preferred distance

Ultra trail from 70km to 100km (7000m D+ - 10000m D+)

Playing fields

The cobblestones of Montmartre and the peaks of Belledonne

Best results

84km 6200m D+ - : 16h39

Paris Half Marathon: 1h21min47


43rd on the Echappée Belle North Crossing

Strengths and weaknesses

My strengths are my resilience in the face of hardship, my good humor and my love of sharing, and my main weakness is my lumberjack physique, which is not conducive to road performance.

Protect our playground


"As a nature enthusiast, Circle offered me the opportunity to find products in line with my ecological and ethical values. I wanted to get involved in the brand's adventure after meeting the teams and the community that supports it. I'm keen to share my knowledge through product development and with Circle Run Club members."

"Circle gave me the opportunity to find products that matched my ecological and ethical values.

- hugo brincard

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