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Your ethical and comfortable yoga leggings
and respectful of the planet

In the collective imagery, we think that an adequate yoga outfit is a pair of leggings and a bra. However, the only rule to follow when choosing yoga clothes is to feel comfortable and at ease while wearing them.

For modesty's sake, one may prefer to wear a loose-fitting yoga T-shirt rather than a close-fitting bra. But that's not the only reason. A yoga class has several sequences. Generally, a yoga class begins with a moment of awareness, of still centering. Then comes the time for postures, more or less dynamic depending on the type of yoga practiced. Then a space will be devoted to the practice of pranayamas, or breathing exercises. Finally, the time will come for relaxation, where you lie on the floor and let yourself be lulled by the waves of the breath.

In the moments of calm and immobility, being able to cover yourself with a soft and comfortable T-shirt will allow you not to be cold and to be able to take full advantage of what is happening inside you. In the more physical moments, such as the sequence of several Sun Salutations or the exercise of the inverted postures, you can remove your T-shirt and find more comfort and freedom in your movements simply wearing your bra. The important thing is to have the choice to feel good at every moment of your yoga class!

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Sportswear requires a lot of technical expertise. The materials they are made of must be elastic, resistant and breathable. They must not stain with perspiration, and they must dry quickly so as not to create discomfort. This is especially true for yoga clothes, especially leggings. The practice is sometimes intensive, and in any case it involves movements that are hard on the fabric. However, yoga leggings should fit the body, follow it and accompany it in every movement. It should give the yogi a feeling of absolute comfort, a second skin effect.

This demand for technicality and performance unfortunately leads the sportswear industry to resort to the manufacture of synthetic materials. A massive production that is highly harmful to the environment and inconsistent with the very spirit of yoga.

At the same time, the yoga sector is suffering from a sad trend of greenwashing. Indeed, some brands do not hesitate to put forward unfounded arguments of ecology by taking advantage of the aspirations of health, ethics and eco-responsibility of yoga practitioners.

All these reasons motivate Circle Sportswear to adopt a totally transparent approach. No organic cotton grown on the other side of the planet for their yoga leggings, nor bamboo fibres whose manufacturing process is extremely polluting. Only recycled and 100% recyclable materials in order to operate according to a circularity model, the only model that guarantees the preservation of the planet's natural resources.

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The advantages of the eco-responsible yoga leggings
from Circle Sportswear

The Circle yoga leggings have been tested by more than 20 sports experts, yoga, pilates and running enthusiasts. They are sportswear that have been optimised down to the last detail to guarantee maximum comfort and practicality.

The integrated pocket on the right thigh of the leggings, for example, made from fabric scraps in a zero waste approach, allows you to carry your phone, keys, means of payment or transport with you without compromising your freedom of movement and well-being.

The high, comfortable and soft waistband provides both good support for the stomach and the lower back. Finally, the length of the leggings is ideal for preserving all the mobility at the ankles, which is essential for certain yoga postures.

Circle's eco-responsible yoga leggings are manufactured on demand according to the pre-order principle. This avoids overproduction and helps to preserve natural resources.