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Although it is increasing, the proportion of men in a yoga class is rather low. On average, only 1 out of 10 students is a male representative. Of course, some forms of yoga, the most dynamic ones like Bikram or Vinyasa, are more popular with men. But they are still less numerous than the women who practice yoga. However, in its ancestral origins, yoga was a practice performed by men.

That being said, today we observe more and more men who are passionate about yoga. And that's good, because yoga is full of benefits for them:

- It's an excellent practice to complement other physical activities(running, climbing (discover our climbing shorts) or Nordic walking for example.
- Yoga helps to rebalance strength
- Yoga improves muscle and joint flexibility, and the opening of the hips in men
- Yoga reduces stress and improves sleep
- Meditation makes you more productive
- Yoga helps develop body awareness and mental strength

However, to fully enjoy all the physical and psychological benefits of yoga, it is necessary to wear yoga clothes for men adapted. Thanks to Circle Sportswear, find the yoga clothes for men that you need and that respect the planet!

Circle Sportswear yoga clothing for men: why choose specific yoga sportswear for men?

During a yoga class, comfort is an essential point. It is thus essential to choose an outfit of yoga man who offers you a total freedom of movements. But the flexibility of the textile alone is not enough. A yoga garment for men must also allow a good evacuation of sweat, odor control, excellent resistance to stretching and limit as much as possible the friction on the skin.‍
In addition, the cut of the yoga garment for men is also central. For a men's yoga short, for example, the cut should be short enough to allow the kneecaps to be seen and thus correct the alignments to avoid injury.

Finally, we must not forget that yoga is a holistic discipline that invites us to feel connected with the universe around us. Thus, the notion of eco-design is most important. Thanks to the Circle Sportswear collection of yoga clothing for men, you are guaranteed high-performance textiles that meet all the criteria of choice:

- Cuts adapted to the male morphology
- An incomparable lightness of the fabrics
- An almost foolproof resistance
- A remarkable comfort

But you also have the certainty that your men's yoga outfit is eco-responsible and ethical. By wearing it during your yoga sessions, you participate in preserving the environment. You are in harmony, with yourself and with nature.

And to complete your equipment, think of the recycled yoga mat and the ecological water bottle !