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Inspiration born of movement.

Innovation that explores new horizons for a positive impact on the planet at every step. 



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Circle Sportswear: running together to make the world more eco-responsible and ethical.

At first glance, if there's one sport that seems environmentally friendly, it's running.
After all, running takes place in the open air, and sometimes in the wilderness. You don't need any infrastructure, and you don't need much equipment either.
A pair of shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, and that's it.
You don't need anything else to indulge in the joy of running, the connection with the surrounding space.

In reality, things are very different. And contrary to the idyllic vision of running, running is not without impact on the environment.
Buying sportswear made on the other side of the world, clothing with a very limited lifespan that you'll quickly have to throw away and buy again... Using plastic water bottles to keep hydrated during exercise...

Yes, running also means consuming. And like all consumption, if it's not eco-responsible, it's bound to be harmful to the planet and dangerous for its precious resources.

Running is by definition an individual sport. Yet all the world's runners share the same playground: the Earth.
What if awareness of the urgent need to change things made running a team sport?

That's the vision and ambition of Circle Sportswear: eco-responsible and ethical running apparel that brings people together around the same goal: to co-create tomorrow's world and commit to respecting the planet. 

Running clothes made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials. A collection that comes straight from nature, thanks to the innovative, eco-friendly material Tencel. Ethical shorts, leggings, t-shirts, tank tops and bras that won't have to travel the globe to reach you. Complete running outfits made to last, and really last. Technical, high-performance, lightweight and breathable sportswear, tested and approved by a community of experienced sportsmen and women.

Discover Circle Sportswear, and you too can run for a more eco-responsible world. Run for a more ethical world. Run for change!

Wear Circle's eco-responsible running clothes and create tomorrow's world together.
And 1% of sales donated to Surfrider Foundation to help protect the oceans.

Circle running clothes: technical sportswear known for its performance and perfectly adapted to running.

Who said that choosing eco-responsibility for sportswear was incompatible with textile performance? Quite the contrary!

Today, eco-responsibility is above all about innovation and technicality!
Today, eco-responsibility means quality, and a quality that other polluting textiles are incapable of matching.
Today, wanting to limit one's environmental impact simply means choosing the best. The best for the planet, of course.
But also the best for yourself, thanks to technically advanced sportswear!

All the materials selected by Circle for the creation of their sportswear are renowned for their technical performance.
Whether it's Tencel (Lyocell) T-shirts made from wood scraps, or 100% recycled polyester shorts from post-consumer plastic bottles, all Circle running clothes guarantee lightness and comfort, breathability and resistance.‍

Finally, and to be eco-responsible all the way during your running sessions, opt for the Circle recycled plastic water bottle or aluminum water bottle ! From now on, let's all run together, united by the same drive to protect our planet!