circle sportswear yoga shorts for men

So you finally decided to take your friends' advice and tried yoga. Revelation: yoga is not a practice for girls, far from it! You discovered or rediscovered physical sensations, both in your muscles and in your joints. You have tasted the awareness of the breath. You have savoured relaxation beyond your expectations. In short, all you want to do is start practising asanas again, to go further in your learning of yoga and, perhaps, to go further on your personal path.

But if for your first yoga session you wore your regular gym clothes, you were bound to run into a problem: your shorts did not fit. They didn't give you enough freedom of movement and weren't conducive to the physical and mental relaxation and sense of connection that every aspiring yogi seeks.

That's why Circle Sportswear, the French brand of eco-friendly and multi-lifestyle sportswear, has created a specific range of yoga clothing for men. Discover the Men's Yoga Shorts, a pair of shorts perfectly adapted to the male morphology and to the demands of yoga, a practice that requires textiles to push their limits!

Men's yoga shorts: the importance of making the right choice

Men are increasingly coming to yoga, whether it's a dynamic form of yoga or one that focuses more on relaxation. However, it can still be tricky to find yoga clothes that are suitable for men.

Yoga clothes are not accessories. They are essential to enjoy the many benefits of yoga. Especially the shorts.

Circle Sportswear's Men's Yoga Shorts provide the flexibility and elasticity to support you in all your postures. Made from 100% recycled fabric, the Circle Men's Yoga Shorts are ultra light and water repellent. As a result, you can move around on your eco-friendly yoga mat with a feeling of absolute comfort.

But for Circle Sportswear, offering comfortable and technical yoga clothing is not enough. Committed to and active in protecting the environment, notably through the concept of Circularity, the Circle men's yoga shorts (like all Circle men's sportswear ) are designed to be sustainable. The aim is to limit over-consumption, which is so harmful to the planet and its natural resources.

Thus, by opting for the men's yoga shorts, Circle offers you the possibility ofan eco-responsible and ethical choice while guaranteeing you a technical product capable of really lasting over time, even with intense yoga practice.