Circle Sportswear yoga bras: technical and ethical sportswear that meets all the criteria

sports bra - support me softly
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sports bra - support me softly
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Women's bras for all breasts and all yoga practices

In the collective imagery, we think that an adequate yoga outfit is a pair of leggings and a bra. However, the only rule to follow when choosing yoga clothes is to feel comfortable and at ease while wearing them.

For modesty's sake, one may prefer to wear a loose-fitting yoga T-shirt rather than a close-fitting bra. But that's not the only reason. A yoga class has several sequences. Generally, a yoga class begins with a moment of awareness, of still centering. Then comes the time for postures, more or less dynamic depending on the type of yoga practiced. Then a space will be devoted to the practice of pranayamas, or breathing exercises. Finally, the time will come for relaxation, where you lie on the floor and let yourself be lulled by the waves of the breath.

In the moments of calm and immobility, being able to cover yourself with a soft and comfortable T-shirt will allow you not to be cold and to be able to take full advantage of what is happening inside you. In the more physical moments, such as the sequence of several Sun Salutations or the exercise of the inverted postures, you can remove your T-shirt and find more comfort and freedom in your movements simply wearing your bra. The important thing is to have the choice to feel good at every moment of your yoga class!

You must have already had this most unpleasant experience: you are in Warrior 1 posture, you have your hands joined to your chest, in Namaste. You then stretch your arms upwards, towards the sky, and one of the underwires of your bra hurts you, even hurts you. In fact, an underwired bra is not made for such a sports practice as yoga. Stretching, twisting, bending the bust, not to mention inverted postures, a conventional bra can't "follow" the movements. But there is another point to consider when choosing a good yoga outfit: the quality of the fabric. Above all, it must be breathable. The material from which the Circle yoga bra is made allows it to evaporate quickly. Perspiration does not leave any traces on the fabric. You can practice in maximum comfort and peace of mind. Made of 79% recycled material, the Imparable Yoga Bra for women is a gentle way to respect and protect the environment.

Circle Sportswear: ultra-technical yoga clothing for performance and comfort, and ethical for the planet and the well-being of all

In the ready-to-wear sector, ethical clothing brands are becoming more and more popular. For sports brands, things are a little different.

Indeed, the technicality necessary for the quality of a yoga bra or leggings implies the too systematic use of synthetic materials. When they come into contact with the skin, these materials are harmful to the body. And of course, they are linked to massive pollution and the depletion of natural resources. Circle Sportswear is helping to change this for the better.

For its Yoga Support Me Softly bra, Circle uses fabric and dyeing that is certified free of harmful chemicals. The Econyl® StayClean polyamide yarn is 100% recycled. Produced from industrial plastic components and fishing nets, among other things, it is a perfect example of what circularity can be: there is nothing that cannot be reused, and it is possible to make the best of it.

Committed to more ethical manufacturing, Circle's factory offers decent working conditions as well as social and health insurance to all the people involved in the creation of the Unbreakable Yoga Bra and all other Circle sportswear.

By wearing the Circle women's yoga bra, you too can be part of the virtuous circle of circularity.

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