3 postures to improve hip mobility
by The Circle Team

The hip is central to your posture and alignment. It is a complex joint with many muscles that are responsible for your leg movement! Muscles that allow two important movements when walking and running: hip flexion and extension.

Working on your hip opening is therefore essential to improve your performance and range of motion whether you are a runner, yogi or simply a keen sportsman.

Fanny, Circle ambassador and yoga coach, gives you her favourite postures that will give your hips length and flexibility.

Breathing as a key:

To allow your body to relax and to memorize all the benefits of the postures, you need to breathe in a controlled and conscious manner. Breathe only through your nose, so that you retain the warmth of your breath and the good energies. Try to feel the continuous flow of warm air through your body, gradually calming you.

3 postures to work on your hip opening

  1. Frog pose - Mandukasana

Start on all fours and let your knees slide to the sides. Place a blanket under your knees if you are uncomfortable.

Stay in the posture, let gravity do its work and breathe!

To get out of the posture, push yourself away with your hands and get back on all fours.

  1. Shoelace posture

Starts in a four-legged stance.

Cross your right leg behind your left leg, then come and sit between your two feet at the back of your mat.

Relax, and if you wish, release your head or your whole chest forward to increase the stretch. Breathe deeply through your nose and focus on the area being stretched.

To get out of the pose, get back on all fours, uncross your legs and do the same on the other side.

  1. Yogi Squat

Start standing, open your feet a little wider than your hip line and turn your toes outwards (feet at 10:10).

Place your hands in prayer in the middle of your heart and bend your knees.

Go down to the bottom, pelvis between the two heels. Pay attention to the alignment of your knees, keep them well above your feet.

Stretch your spine and breathe.

To get out of the posture, push your feet back into the ground, stand upright and let go of the arms at your sides.

Find all of Fanny 's tips on her Instagram account, on the program: cosmic yoga and good mood!

When to do these postures?


The yogi squat is an excellent warm-up exercise and physical preparation before a workout. To take the pose further you can place your right hand on the floor and twist to raise your left hand towards the ceiling. You hold the pose for 3 breaths, looking for the chest to open, then return to the centre before changing sides.


These three postures can easily be integrated into a yoga flow, whether it be vinyasa or yin. In any case, focus on your intention and the quality of the posture. A small variation for the shoelace : breathe in with your chest up and breathe out with your forehead towards your knees, creating a wave of energy that accentuates the work.


The perfect return to calm! There are two possibilities: a short session just after exercise to relax without breaking the muscle fibres, or a longer session where you hold each posture for at least one minute to stretch deeply.


A morning ritual to gently awaken your body. Accompany these postures with a cup of hot water with lemon and ginger to get your body in great condition.

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